3 Brands that are Winning at Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the hottest marketing trends of 2018. Here are 3 brands that have developed successful influencer marketing campaigns: ASOS, Glossier, and Revolve.


ASOS is an ecommerce company that sells fashionable clothes, accessories, and beauty products. The target audience for ASOS is young (teens through twenties), trendy males and females. In order to appeal to this audience, ASOS launched a marketing initiative called “ASOS Insiders.” The “Insiders” are a group of stylish, young men and women from around the world. Each “insider” uses his or her social media accounts to give fashion tips and style advice, all while wearing and referring to ASOS products. ASOS Insiders can be found on the ASOS website under the “Discover” section. So, what is so genius about this marketing strategy? ASOS strategically chooses fashion and beauty experts with distinct styles and encourages these insiders to post original content, creating a organic and authentic experience for consumers. Rather than one-off product placements that often stick out like a sore thumb, ASOS is playing the long game by encouraging consistent engagement and content generation. These insiders don’t just promote products, but give consumers a lifestyle to aspire to. In addition, the content posted by the insiders is easily shoppable. With each post, the insiders include product codes for the items they are wearing, making the items easy to search on the ASOS website. Many of the insiders also include a trackable link in their Instagram profiles that forward to the ASOS website. Another genius aspect of the ASOS marketing strategy is the multi-channel approach. ASOS Insiders use Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram to connect with consumers. Through these Insiders, ASOS is able to strengthen their brand awareness and build a large following of loyal consumers in an authentic way.


Glossier is a skincare and beauty product company that gained traction in large part because of a very effective influencer marketing strategy. Glossier’s founder, Emily Weiss, decided that an expensive marketing campaign wasn’t necessary to be successful and instead focused on targeting the blogger/vlogger community. Weiss sent products to popular skincare and beauty blogger and Youtubers. Weiss then took it a step further with the belief that every customer has the power to become an influencer. Glossier sends freebies, such as new products before they are released, to influencers and loyal customers, encouraging organic reviews and unique content. In addition, Glossier also created a referral program, offering money-off incentives to people who refer the brand over Facebook or Twitter. This marketing strategy is smart because it creates a ripple effect of advocacy and peer promotion, ensuring that the Glossier consumer base continues to grow.


Revolve has arguably developed the most effective influencer marketing strategy. Revolve is a millennial fashion company founded by two individuals from the technology sector, Michael Karanikolas and Michael Mente. Revolve’s marketing strategy is based almost entirely on influencer marketing, with up to “70 percent of current overall sales at revolve.com driven by an influencer” (WWD). Rather than shoot traditional fashion editorial advertisements, Revolve hosts trips for influencers and celebrities to places such as Palm Springs, the Hamptons, and Turks and Caicos. On each of these trips, influencers dress in Revolve clothing and take photos for their personal social media accounts using the hashtag #RevolveAroundTheWorld. These trips allow the fashion brand to build strong relationships with influencers and generate cool, unique content. The content generated on these trips portray a cool-girl lifestyle that is appealing to Revolve’s millennial audience. Utilizing influencers, Revolve has been able to cut through social media roadblocks pertaining to advertisers and generate a massive and authentic following.






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