Finally Done With My Masters!

This semester, I took a class called “J560: Managing Online Platforms” as a part of my master’s in public relations program. This was my first-ever online class. I've always been hesitant to take online classes because I really enjoy the interactions and discussions that take place in a classroom environment. Luckily, in this class, we had bi-weekly video sessions where we could all interact through Zoom, a tool similar to Skype. I thought that Zoom was a great feature of this class because it made it easier to get to know my classmates. Through the assignments in this class, I was encouraged to be more active online by posting weekly on this blog and maintaining a consistent presence on several social media platforms. Because of the class’s requirements, I became more engaged online than ever before. I learned how many more connections I can make if I just engage with people in a consistent manner on social media. My blog posts also encouraged me to stay current on digital media trends and think critically about an array of public relations topics. I also was required to create two YouTube videos for this class. I created two tutorial videos on the online graphic design tool, Canva. I am not trained in video production, so I learned a lot by being forced to develop, shoot, and edit a video. I enjoyed interacting with and learning from my classmates in J560 this semester. Each person in the class has a unique background and provided really interesting ideas and perspectives on the topics that we discussed each week such as SEO, the impacts of social media, and the importance of video content. I am grateful to have learned beside some truly brilliant people. And now, I am officially done with my master’s, so HOORAY!!

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